Apricots: cheap brothels with the best whores in Barcelona

Cheap brothels Barcelona

In the Apricots whorehouses we find some of the best cheap whores in Barcelona. Its relaxing apartments bring together horny women to fuck cheaply and without commitment

You cannot talk about whorehouses in Barcelona without talking about Apricots .

To talk about this brand is to talk about an escort service company that offers its clients two places where they can meet some of the best escorts in Barcelona to fuck cheaply .

Located one of these premises in Arizala, 74 (in the district of Les Corts) and the other at number 252 of Còrsega street (in the heart of Eixample), both stand out for their discretion. No sign on the street identifies these whorehouses in Barcelona , which thus become ideal places to live a sexual experience full of intensity and pleasure.

Whether visiting Apricots Camp Nou ) or Apricots Barcelona Centro , the client of these two brothels will enjoy the necessary discretion at all times to enjoy their date with a beautiful, sensual and ardent escort girl.

The care of discretion is such in the premises of this brand that both lack a bar and a space to socialize, thus avoiding prying eyes and any type of recognition by any other client.

Brothels Barcelona

Defense of ethical prostitution

Since its inception, this Barcelona whore agency has stood out for its carefree, fresh and ironic communication policy.

Horny and, at the same time, honest and transparent, this firm inextricably associated with the history of Barcelona's whorehouse has opted for the defense of what has been called ethical prostitution .

Assuming from birth the role of paid sex revolutionaries, the girls who work in a brothel or in another claim to defend legal and honest practices in the sex market.

The whores of this famous escort agency in the Catalan capital (and they want to make it clear on their website) are free women with no moral ties who have voluntarily chosen to practice the oldest profession in the world .

Involved in the fight against trafficking in women for the purpose of sexual exploitation, the lumis who work in these two whorehouses in Barcelona have made a decalogue of tips to ensure that each date in one of these whorehouses is a door open to sexual delirium.

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International and quality whores

Any client, whatever type of girl he likes, will find someone similar to those tastes in Apricots. Tall, short, skinny, slim, busty, MILF , blonde, brunette... They are not a luxury escort house but their catalog of women is so large in the two places mentioned at the beginning of this text that both become , on their own merits, in two delegations of Paradise on Earth.

It is enough to look at the website of this Barcelona agency to see to what extent prostitutes of all origins and nationalities provide their services. Brazilian, Spanish, girls from the East, Latin... There is no race that is not represented in this Eden of cheap, beautiful and horny whores .

In the two relaxation floors of this brand, queen of Barcelona's whorehouse, you can find girls from almost any corner of the planet. Ardent and involved, affectionate and dedicated, playful and mischievous, all of them are undoubtedly among the best prostitutes in Barcelona .

The catalog of erotic services provided by the girls of this escort agency in the Catalan capital is very complete. We will mention only some of those provided by these fantastic whores in Barcelona .

Beyond the "normal" and economic services of vaginal or anal penetration, we can highlight the always famous 69 , the only one suitable for liberated strap on or pegging, lesbian sex , duplexes, threesomes, attention to couples, squirting. ..

One of the most common services offered by the girls of these whorehouses is based on the use of erotic toys during the sexual encounter. Enjoying an anal plug, a dildo or any type of vibrator is a good way to increase sexual pleasure while fucking.

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Appointment with an escort from Apricots

Whoever goes to either of the two addresses indicated at the beginning of this text without having arranged a prior appointment will be able to enjoy the company and the exclusive erotic services of one of the girls who is present at that moment in the chosen place.

The management of this agency recommends making the appointment after having previously chosen the desired girl on its website.

Apricots offers its clients the possibility of going to one or another brothel with a trusted taxi made available by the brand.

The firm also offers its clients the possibility of requesting that erotic services not be provided in its premises, but in hotels or in private homes. To do this, it is enough for the client to enter the web, select the chosen girl and contact the firm.

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to enjoy paid sex in Barcelona is to meet up with a lumi from Apricots, cheap and very accommodating.