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Madame Claude: a film about the life of the famous pimp

The eventful life of Madame Claude, surely the most famous French madame, who died just over six years ago, was made into a film by French director Sylvie Verheyde. In this article we talk about that movie and about the figure of Madame Claude.

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The most famous movies about prostitutes in history

If we take a look at the history of cinema, it won't take long to find a series of titles that, in different decades, have structured their plot around the adventures of a sex worker. In this article we review some movies about prostitutes

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The ban on the advertising of prostitution in Spain

The Sexual Freedom Law includes an article that establishes the prohibition of the advertising of prostitution. The article expresses the will of the coalition government between PSOE and United We Can to promote an abolitionist policy regarding prostitution.

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Ninón de Lenclos: a brief biography of the perfect courtesan

More than 5,000 lovers throughout his life. Those figures are talked about when the name of Ninón de Lenclos, without a doubt one of the most famous courtesans in history, comes up. Nobody like Ninón de Lenclos to symbolize the irresistible influence of a courtesan. In this article we talk about her and review some data from her life path.

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